Popular Brand Missguided Have Been Using Cat Fur In Their Clothing

An investigation by the Humane Society found fake fur being used by popular UK brand Missguided was not fake. The fur was indeed real and from a disturbing source.

It was found that a pair of heels with ‘faux fur’ pom poms on them from Missguided was not faux fur. It was cat fur. A lot of fashion brands have turned to creating fake fur products.

However, the investigation found that several different brands were selling products as fur free when they really contained the fur of cats, rabbits, raccoon dogs, minks, and foxes.

The Daily Mail reported that the Missguided shoes were swiftly taken off the site. And that Missguided is now running its own investigation into the issue. But this does raise concerns about how much companies know about the production of their items. And whether it’s time for retailers to start sourcing clothes in a more ethical way.

Possibly the most shocking part of the investigation is that the many of the cats used were pets stolen from the streets in China. The campaigners claim that over 2 million cats pets and strays are taken in China each year and killed for their fur.

Missguided wasn’t the only brand to be doing this though. The retailer House of Fraser also tested positive for rabbit fur. Boutique shop Lily Lulu also tested positive for raccoon dog.

The items have been pulled from all retailers and they maintain that they were unaware of the use of the fur.

The importing and sale of domestic cat and dog fur is illegal in the European Union. More investigation and testing is being done. Rabbit fur was also found in their products.

The brands have taken to Twitter and issued apologies stating that they did not know that it was real fur. But this does leave questions about why brands aren’t paying more attention to the creation of their products. It also raises questions on whether these brands really care about being ethical and fur free, or would rather just save money.

All in all, whatever the reasons, I guess you could say the morals of these brands are somewhat ‘misguided’.


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