Pregnant Presenter Unapologetic Over Clothing Choice

A Canadian TV presenter has received a flood of hate mail for appearing on television in form fitting clothing while pregnant, but in spite of the attacks she’s remained remarkably positive.

Weather presenter Kristi Gordon even went so far as to read out one of the letters on air: “Nowhere on North American TV have we seen a weather reader so gross as you. Your front end looks like the Hindenburg and your rear end looks like a brick s**t-house. We now turn off Global.” Another urged her to “buy some decent clothes and have respect for your unborn baby”.

I don’t feel like this is affecting me, or has affected me.

She remained unapologetic about her figure and choice of clothing however, “By the way, you can’t really hide something like this. I feel like I’m a pretty confident person, I wouldn’t be in this industry if I wasn’t. I don’t feel like this is affecting me, or has affected me.”

Hate mail hasn’t been the only correspondance Kristi has received however – after her story took off on the internet, she’s had tens of thousands of letters of support, encouragement and well-wishing.