RBF: Reporters should stop asking Female Celebrities to Smile

Remember when Cara Delevigne’s interview by Good Day Sacramento sparked up talk about the “Resting Bitch Face”? Cara sure showed it on her face that she wasn’t entertained and fair enough. Answering those unimaginative, dull, repetitive and condescending interview questions would’ve been a chore. To her expressionless face, the peppy presenters asked, “Are you just exhausted?” to, “You do seem a bit irritated…take a little nap, get a Red Bull,” rendering Cara speechless and obviously a bit pissed off before the tape cuts out.

Here, we have another incident which brings this issue of to smile or not to smile when you don’t feel like it.

At a press conference, the highly respectable Serena Williams was asked why she wasn’t smiling. Really? A catcall? Anyways, Serena lays it out for him.

A reporter asked her why she didn't smile and laugh after the match…this was Serena's response LMAO #TheQueen

Posted by Aaron A Davis on Wednesday, 9 September 2015