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With winter in the rear-view mirror and the change of seasons ushering in sunny showers and flowers finally in bloom, just as we naturally adjust our wardrobes to adapt to the warmer climes, our skincare routine calls for a refresh too.


In adjusting to the warmer temperatures, higher UV levels and rise in humidity, our skin naturally goes through changes, including a natural increase in oil production. A reboot of our skincare regime at this time is essential to help our winter-fatigued skin transition more seamlessly to restore its rightful glow, including the retirement of heavier product for more lightweight options that offer the same skin-soothing, revitalising and hydrating ingredients but which lose the extra oil and greasiness.


Snowberry is a specialist in harnessing the forces of nature with a serious boost from science to rejuvenate, hydrate and support a fresh spring skin glow with an offering of cleansers, moisturisers and serums that are free of harmful toxins and chemicals. These uniquely-blended products offer precisely the different type of nourishment and protection our skin needs with the transition of seasons, bolstered with naturally-derived ingredients such as Harakeke seed oil (New Zealand flax) and Kanuka honey extracted from Snowberry’s self-sustained biodiversity plantation, Snowberry Gardens. These springtime essentials also align with Snowberry’s “Protect and Refresh” skin care mandate, which focuses on daily protection of the skin’s barrier function and stimulation of the skin’s cellular matrix and epidermis.


While the chill of winter might call for thick, creamy cleansers, with temperatures on the rise our skin tends to need a little less help in this department with it producing more oil on its own. Snowberry’s GENTLE Cleanse and Tone Soft Foaming Cleanser is an integral part of Snowberry’s “Protect” skincare step in reinforcing the skin’s lipid barrier and helping to minimise disturbance to its acid mantle, which in turn helps prevent UV damage. It is formulated to give your skin a deep clean and keep it hydrated courtesy of kiwifruit extract and nourishing, anti-inflammatory Kanuka honey to keep things calm, while achieving that optimal balance of neither adding excess grease nor stripping the skin of its natural oils.


A huge part of saying good-bye to dulled winter skin is also in gentle, regular exfoliation, though it pays to seek professional advice should eczema or rosacea be present. Adding Snowberry’s NOURISHING Exfoliator to your new routine will gently yet effectively brighten the appearance of your skin while helping to remove the buildup of dead skin cells, paving the way for a dewy, glowing complexion. A key element of Snowberry’s regime, the NOURISHING Exfoliator’s combination of natural Jojoba beads, cultured Mother of Pearl, herbal extracts and special formulation of exotic oils work to stimulate new skin cells with increased blood circulation, while moisturising and soothing the skin. This spring must-have also helps to improve the effectiveness of topical skincare products by enhancing their absorption, as well as working to prevent clogged pores, resulting in fewer breakouts.


One of the most effective ways to brighten-up a fatigued complexion left behind by winter is to incorporate a quality multi-tasking serum that allows your skin to breathe while still keeping it hydrated. Enter Snowberry’s precious NEW RADIANCE Face Serum, offering a lightweight layer but a heavy dose of potent, active ingredients to help give your skin natural radiance and glow. At the core of this quintessential moisture-trapping serum is Snowberry’s trademark collagen-stimulating CuPep peptide complex supported with uber-hydrating, oil-free Hyaluronic acid and Kanuka honey to help smooth and strengthen the skin.



Springtime also requires much less of the heavy-layered approach of a winter skincare regimen. With humidity in the air and our skin’s natural oil production on the increase, our skin tends to stay more hydrated, calling for a lighter moisturiser that absorbs quickly. Snowberry’s NOURISHING LITE Cream is the perfect lightweight lotion ideal for combination to normal skin, formulated with hydrating Harakeke seed oil, Kanuka honey, antioxidant Totarol, Lingonberry oil and Omega-6 ceramides derived from safflower oil. This, paired with an eye serum – which should always have a firm spot in your skincare routine, especially when the sun is shining brightly – is the ultimate targeted treatment for ageing skin. Try Snowberry’s light yet richly moisturising SMOOTHING Eye Serum with wrinkle-fighting peptides to deliver smoother, brighter skin around the eyes. Your face will thank you for it.


When spring is in the air, although the weather may feel gentler, your skin is still adjusting and tackling just as many issues as it was over the colder months. With a few small yet effective updates to your skin care routine with Snowberry‘s naturally-derived but scientifically advanced formulations, your skin is assured of the spring skin glow it deserves all season long.


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