Red My Lips: Speaking Out for the Voiceless

Kiwi women are sporting red lips, not to keep in line with some new fashion trend but in support of a global, collective movement advocating the eradication of victim blaming called Red My Lips.

It works like this: women show off their crimson pouts in photos that are shared via social media online, as they spread the word and mission of the campaign. It all started with American founder Daniella Tansino who was sexually assaulted, only to see her attacker escape prosecution because “jurors don’t like girls who drink”.

The phenomena of victim blaming is a global one and doesn’t leave New Zealand unaffected. An all to common strategy for defence lawyers in local courts is still to cite the victim’s outfit or behaviour as an instigating factor for sexual assault. This is not the first time this issue has been raised, and it’s time to start talking about it. The campaign urges both women and men to show their support and raise awareness of the issue by wearing something red, even if it isn’t lipstick, as a way to stand up for unfairly represented victims of sexual assault all around the world. We are getting our red on, are you?