Reebok Launches [REE]CYCLED – Where Functionality Meets Sustainability

With the Earth making (literal) waves of waste and dumping rubbish on our coastlines, the world is now drowning from its dependency on the widely loved miracle material – plastic. The ocean has become a minefield for aquatic life and wildlife alike due to being entangled by plastic or misconstruing it as food. 


Cheap and versatile plastic materials such as polyester, nylon and acrylic make up 60% of the materials that are used worldwide in clothing and biffing out single-use pieces are not the only problem. Synthetics and even blends leach into the water supply every time we wash our clothes – an insidious contributor. 


But all hope is not lost. With entrepreneurial spirit and scientific innovations, companies in all sectors throughout the globe are coming up with creative ways to either be made from plant-based materials, become recycled or be created from recycled materials. 


Recently, Reebok has joined the initiative by launching the [REE]CYCLED collection – a line-up of their most iconic silhouettes made with at least 50% recycled material with their admirable vision to be 100% virgin polyester free by 2025. Every component of the [REE]CYCLED collection was researched meticulously to ensure the right materials were used to repurpose, re-imagine and re-energise their shoes to sit at the junction of leading performance and style. 

Following the launch of the [REE]CYCLED Zig Kinetica, the Nano X is the latest to launch from Reebok’s new sustainable line. The it-shoe for all eco-consumers, it’s not only designed with sustainable technology but is also an incredibly functional shoe for anything at the gym. From beginners to athletes, whether you’re walking your dog at the park or doing ambitious burpee clap push ups, the Nano X has been specifically designed to handle it all. 


When it comes to strength training and HIIT, there’s no arguing that Reebok has been the number one shoe brand for the past ten years and for good reason. Taking into consideration customer feedback over the years has been the crux of Reebok’s leading designs. The fitness landscape has evolved and diversified substantially; and the Nano X with it. Since the Nano 9, fresh new tech has been added to the mix for their latest Nano drop to be incredibly adaptable, versatile and to suit any workout of the day. 

If you’re an advanced athlete who loves high-intensity interval training and cross-training, the Nano X will be a no-brainer. The upper is made from an incredibly durable material dubbed Flexweave, formed from a tight-knit fabric of figure-eight weaving to promote breathability while being incredibly lightweight. Thinly padded, the upper is designed to withstand friction from rope-climbing and high intensity rapid movements. Comfort is a major feature of the Nano X – a high-top padded tongue and curled heel cup means no irritation, especially when your shoe needs flexibility around the toes from burpees and mountain climbers. If your workout routine involves jumping, lifting, kettle-bells, rope-climbing or a quick-change of lateral directions, then the Nano X will be the best bet for you. 


Designed with stability and support in mind, the Nano X makes for an amazing lifting shoe. Its low-cut wide-box sneaker design and uber plush base allows your toes and feet to dig into the soles while also giving it space to move if you need to. The low heel to toe drop also means the majority of your bodyweight will sink down your heels for a safe and secure lifting experience. How it works is that the dual density midsole gives a softer forefoot for cushion landings and firm rearfoot to increase your stability. 


For those who opt for low impact exercise (or like it purely based on its style as an everyday outfit sneaker), the Nano X fits the bill. There’s zero irritation while walking and the visuals are bold and daring. The high-top padded tongue nods to the retro-modern fusion that everyone is rocking as of late and they’re unnoticeably comfortable. 


Overall, the Nano X makes for an incredible functional fitness shoe that’s awesome to easily segway from the gym to the street and is a definite keeper for home workouts during lockdown or fitness classes. The fact that consumers are becoming more and more conscientious of their purchases urges brands to think outside the box and offer versatile solutions that take the environment into consideration. 


The [REE]CYCLED collection marks the beginning of a brighter future in which fashion and function are not compromised for sustainability but rather comes together to create something that caters to everyone.   


The [REE]CYCLED Nano X come in two colourways – navy and true grey, $210.


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