Reow! Bieber’s New Video Is Super Sexy.

For weeks we’ve been seeing countdown posts for Justin Bieber’s comeback single, “What Do You Mean?” Admittedly, it’s pretty good. After performing “Where Are You Now?” and his latest release at the VMAs, he broke down in tears. The reason for his mini meltdown is undisclosed.

Following this highly emotional performance, he released the official video of his new single. Featuring model Xenia Deli in a motel room, his music video gets a bit too racy to watch at work. I definitely noticed his Calvin Klein briefs – smooth injection of inadvertent/blatant advertisement.

Mid make-out session, the twosome gets kidnapped by a group of masked men. The succession of scenes left me asking myself, “What is happening?” Anyways, it’s worth a play. Plus, he’s cute.