Rich Kids Of Instagram Are Getting Their Parents Into Very BIG Trouble

We’re always taught to think before we speak and lately, we also have to think hard and long before we post something on the interweb. The blessed youngsters of RKOI (Rich Kids of Instagram) have been posting willy nilly their glamorous lives and helping Intelligence arrest their rich daddys.

The Guardian reports that the flaunting of their assets on social media makes the fraudulently-made wealthy an easy target for financial investigators to track down. By posing with all of the private jets and super-yachts on Instagram, these children have unwittingly revealed their parents’ hidden assets and provide evidence for investigates to seize millions.

Oisín Fouere, managing director of K2 Intelligence in London, said social media was increasingly their “first port of call”. The Guardian reports that their opponent in one asset recovery case claimed to have no significant valuables – until investigators found a social media post by one of his children that revealed they were on his $25m yacht in the Bahamas.

Daniel Hall, director of global judgment enforcement at Burford Capital told the Guardian that the firm recently managed to seize a “newly acquired private jet” in a fraud case because one of the two fraudsters had a son in his 30s who posted a photograph on Instagram of himself and his father standing in front of the plane.

“That’s the kind of jackpot scenario one hopes for,” said Hall.

It also reports that 50 Cent, was ordered by a Connecticut court to explain his photo on Instagram where he posed with $100 bills that spelled out “BROKE”. This was only months after filing for bankruptcy. 50 Cent claimed the money was fake.