Rihanna Calls George Clooney Out In This Incredibly Revealing Game of “Never Have I Ever”

Ellen has done it again, this time getting George Clooney and Rihanna together on her couch for a tell-all game of ‘never have I ever’.

There were no questions unasked or unanswered, as Ellen grilled them on cat spanking, texting nude photos, sealing the deal, being drunk before noon, and forgetting the name of the person you’re hooking up.

But the most unforgettable moments came from the banter between George and Rihanna.

George was on form, using his charm and seducing smile to get through the questions. But Rihanna was not fooled and would not take his BS, calling George out on his answers multiple times.

The dirty game of never have I ever revealed all sorts, with Rihanna starting the game admitting to sending a nude selfie and calling George out when he said he had not.

Rihanna’s secrets came out, when she admitted to sending a dirty text to the wrong person and seeing a rapper nude.

To discover more secrets and to find out whether George has hooked up in the back seat of a car watch the clip below.