Rita Ora Is Suing Jay Z and Roc Nation

According to a report from TheWrap, Rita Oria is suing Jay Z and Roc Nation. Rita Ora said that Jay Z’s interest in her music has “waned” which constitutes a breach of contract between the her and the record label.

She wants to be released from her contract as Jay Z’s support decreased after working on projects such as Tidal. The lawsuit claims that Ora’s Roc Nation contract is “an oppressive recording agreement.”

According to California’s labor laws, “no person can be bound to a personal services contract for more than seven years”. She has only been able to record one album in seven years – her anniversary of seven years falls on December 18th.

The lack of backing has forced her to “self-fund” her promotional TV appearances, recording costs and video project. Also, as Roc Nation left its distribution label partner Sony for Universal in 2013, Rita Ora was legally obligated to stay with Sony. This has put in her in a “political quagmire of dysfunction” and she says that her relationship with them is “irrevocably damaged.”

Ora’s lawyer, Howard King, told TheWrap that “Rita is very excited to be moving on with her recording career and is grateful that California law gives her the right to do so.  She appreciates that there are lots of great people at Roc Nation, starting with the  impresario himself, Jay-Z, but the relationship with the record label has run its course. She’s already hard at work on her new music which she can’t wait to share with her fans. 2016 is going to be an amazing year for her!”