Ronda Rousey’s First Interview After Losing to Holly Holm Is Heartbreaking

Ronda Rousey was hosted by Ellen DeGeneres on her show to talk about her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover. However, before talking about this historic moment, she questioned Rousey about her shocking defeat at the end of last year. Rousey had not spoken about suffering her defeat to Holly Holm and ending her undefeated streak.

The interview is heartbreaking as the loss left her in a moment of considering suicide, “Honestly, my thought I was like, in the medical room and I was down in the corner,”

“I was sitting in the corner like, What am I anymore if I’m not this? And I was literally sitting there and thinking about killing myself at that exact second.”

The only thing that saved her was her boyfriend Travis Browne. “I just looked up at him and I was just like I need to have his babies, I need to stay alive,” she said.