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CrossFit has taken the exercising world by storm in recent years, with more and more joining the training craze of running, lifting, strengthening and conditioning. We had a chat to Reebok CrossFit athlete Megan Gifford to get some insight:

What made you first get into CrossFit? Like most fitness decisions, it was initially to lose some weight and get fit. But the variety in training, the people, the new skills, and eventually, the competitiveness got me hooked. I’ve never looked back.

What is your advice for those getting involved in CrossFit this year? Find like-minded people to train with – half the enjoyment is doing it with others. Get some guidance from a coach to develop the correct techniques for movement and gear yourself up with the right gear to keep yourself safe. CrossFit specific shoes like some new Reebok CrossFit Nano 8s will help add a few kilos to all your lifts.

What makes a good CrossFit shoe? An ‘everything shoe’, they need to move with you during any possible movement, squatting, climbing, lifting, jumping, running… I know I can comfortably move through any workout possible in the Reebok Nano-8.


The Nano 8 shoe features Reeboks latest technology, Flexweave – why is this so important? The Flexweave tech creates support and stability to maintain balance while lifting, is flexible and light enough to move with you during running, burpees, double unders and gymnastics. CrossFit can be really tough on shoes so I really appreciate the durability of the Flexweave, there is a reason it’s the only shoe in the market allowed to include the word ‘CrossFit’.

What’s your morning routine? Up at 4:30am, a good breakfast, then in the gym to coach my class. Afterwards it’s training session #1, before helping my husband and his business partner run our gym. More classes and coaching before training session #2 in the afternoon. See what I mean above about being tough on my shoes!

What’s something people don’t know about CrossFit? It is scale-able for EVERYONE, there are even CrossFit classes for kids.

What are some of the biggest benefits from CrossFit over other fitness programmes? The variety and intensity in CrossFit allows you to not only get fitter, stronger and faster, but teaches new skills that require balance and good movement. This training long term is incredibly beneficial to your daily health and longevity in sport or other physical activities.

What advice do you have for someone who is wanting to change their lifestyle and get fit? Start today, there are a million and one excuses that can be made each day as to why you shouldn’t go make the first step today. Pick up the phone and call or drop in to your nearest CrossFit gym, and you will meet someone who is genuinely dedicated to helping you become fitter, stronger and healthier.

What sort of mindset does it take to be good at CrossFit? Any tips to staying accountable? Set goals that truly mean something to you. If your goals align with what you truly believe is important, putting in the work required will come easier and keep you on track. There is no easy way to be the best you can be. It requires patience, and many many hours of mental and physical work. So knowing why you are doing it and constantly reminding yourself why will keep you accountable.

Talking CrossFit and fitness goals, what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? To make good decisions. When training gets tough or you are tired and want to walk out of the gym, ask yourself if that is a GOOD decision to make, in line with what you are trying to achieve. If the answer is no? You will pretty quickly do what you need to do. If you are invited to an all you can eat dinner of pizza.. but want to lose 5kgs to help achieve a strict pull-up, making a good decision here will go a long way towards the mindset needed to achieve your fitness goals.

Do you think there are misconceptions about women in CrossFit? I feel like society is embracing strong women all over the world more and more as CrossFit becomes more popular as a training program. We are blessed to have so many strong woman willing to share their fitness journeys, empowering others around them.

What does strength mean to you? Strength to me is stepping out of your comfort zone, and opening your mind up to become a better person for yourself and those around you looking up to you. Healthier, fitter, stronger, goal driven, positive and empowering, doing whatever actions are needed to make this happen… that to me is strength.

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