Sarah Silverman Joins War on Wage Gap

Levo League, an online portal that allows Generation Y members to network and engage with business mentors and professionals to advance their career, has been advocating a movement called #Ask4More, to eradicate the gender income gap and promote equal pay. Recently, they recruited Sarah Silverman to front the movement, and have released a video that features the comedian talking about her experiences with unequal pay.

In the video, Silverman raises a few vital issues that hinder a woman’s progression in life and in the workplace compared to the men. Among other various insights, she cites the fact that most women aren’t as likely as men to give themselves “a pat on the back” ─ the scrutiny that women subject themselves to, according to Silverman, makes women feel less deserving and therefore, less inclined to #Ask4More.

“If you work a job and a man is working the same job, you should be getting paid the same,” she said. “I don’t think anyone’s asking for more than what’s fair.”

For this, we are definitely jumping on board with the 44-year-old stand-up comedian.