Save Money On Power With Off-Peak Prices

Flick Electric Co. offers New Zealand’s fairest power deal by passing power through at wholesale price with no mark up. This includes all the costs of getting power to their place from generation, transmission, distribution and metering. Flick only receives a service fee as a retailer.

Using personalised online tools, Flick customers receive a price signal from the market. Customers can then choose the price they want to pay for their power.

Just by giving customers access to the wholesale costs of servicing their property Flicksters who simply ‘set and forget’ save on average 7.5% on their power bills. But the Flick model also gives customers the opportunity to change how they use power to make even greater savings by ‘gaming it’ (30% + savings!).

The wholesale price of generation changes every half hour or every day on the spot market. At times of day when there is high demand – like before work and around dinner time – prices are higher, and at low demand times prices are lower.

By shifting a few tasks to low-demand times of day, when prices on the spot market are cheaper, it can cost less for a customer to run their house. For example, using the timer to run the washing machine overnight rather than during the day could halve the cost of operation.

Flick is the only electricity retailer with a platform that will enable the true potential of home automation, domestic battery storage and residential generation to be realized, heralding in an new era of energy consumption where the customer is truly in the driving seat.