Save Money By Turning On This Heater This Winter

Winter is coming, despite our pleas for it to stay away, and with it comes chilly, dark nights. Of course, you could put on a thousand layers and hop into bed, or, you could walk from your heated car to your heated home.

Sure, heating your home for a few months can rack up your power bill significantly but what if we told you there was a way to heat up your home for less in a completely futuristic way – yes your home will be like the Jetsons!

Enter Herschel infrared heaters  a company that is completely changing the way we heat ourselves.

Rather than heat the air like most heaters, Herschel heats the fabric of the building with their infrared heating solutions.

Human and animal sense of comfort has evolved from radiant heat from the sun, which makes it no surprise that Infrared heaters are a new way to heat your homes.

It is radiant heat that is most significant to our bodies’ sense of comfort. Just like lying under the rays of the sun, your home can now give you that overall warm, snug feeling.

This is also a 100% natural way to heat your home, which results in less damp and mould.


Less dampness and mold in pesky spots


Not only is it better for you, but it is better for the environment. Herschel Infrared heating delivers energy savings up to 60% over traditional forms of electric heating.

A heater that is not only better for you and the environment, but also your wallet, is a winner!


Heated towel rails


Herschel infrared heaters are a very cost effective way to heat a space, which is in part due to the fact that they use less wattage and energy consumption to heat the same amount of space as other heaters. For example, a typical convection heater (moving air type) is generally specified around 100watts per cubic metre of room space, whereas Herschel are around 25watts per cubic metre, so in terms of the energy consumption to heat the same space.

Best of all, there’s no maintenance unlike units that move air, which require dust filters and vents to be regularly cleaned. Perfect!