Your Say – Laurinda Sutcliffe

Co-Owner and Designer of Loobie’s Story


I’d name my autobiography: ‘The Path Less Travelled’, as this not only reflects the inspiration for our A/W18 collection but the is the inspiration behind the launch of Loobie’s Story eight years ago.

To me success means: Loving what you do, and being able to have a work-life balance so that you can do what you love, and spend time with family and friends.

Best advice I’ve been given was: Don’t make any big decisions until you’ve slept on it.

I made my first dollar: As a 15-year-old high school student working at Woollies in Melbourne as a checkout chick on a Saturday morning.

Life motto: Follow your dreams and if you believe, you can achieve.

Favourite book: I’m an avid reader so there are so many but I’ve just read the Boat Runner by Devin Murphy which was utterly superb.

The women who inspire me: Any woman who strives to have it all and follows her dreams, whatever that might look like.

The gender stereotype I can’t stand: That women can’t or shouldn’t try to do it all (to have a career, and a baby and run the country for example).

The main challenge for women in business is: When business-like assertiveness is considered as abrasive, or bossy.

We need pay equity because: Same skills, same jobs, same pay…sex shouldn’t come into it.

Gender diversity in the workplace is: Gender diversity is all about a workplace balance of male and female. The fashion industry has evolved from a male dominated industry to a female one, and now it is difficult to find and hire male applicants.

The change I want to see in 2018 is: Less disposable fast fashion. I want more people to recognise the value in high quality, collectible garments that have longevity.