Science Says This Is An Easy Way To Make You More Attractive

Researchers from the University of Tübingen in Germany carried out an experiment in which the male subjects were shown photos of women pretending to be scared or sad. They were then asked to guess the emotions of the women in the photographs and found that when the men knew exactly what they were feeling, their brains lit up in its pleasure circuits. This means that men are more attracted to the women they can read and understand.

Also, researchers from the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris discovered that the most attractive feature in a woman’s face depends on how sparse it is.

Men off the street were asked what they thought of a variety of women’s faces and the results showed that there was a definite preference for more sparse faces.

This means that men prefer a simpler face.

And Dr. Julien Renoult, who led the study, gave a description of what a ‘sparse face’ is to Medical Daily:

“A sparse face is a face that is efficiently encoded in the brain — that is, using only a few neurons. In other words, they are easy to process in the brain,” he said. “Sparse faces typically are simple, with a smooth skin texture, few wrinkles, and smooth contour lines.”