Sign Language Performance Enthralls the Internet

Every now and again some picture or video on the internet will just bring a big smile to my face. Today, Swedish interpreter Tommy Krångh was the one who prompted that smile.

Tommy is a sign language interpreter, and last night while translating a song for one of Sweden’s Eurovision hopefuls he gave the performance of a lifetime. His energetic interpretation went far beyond just translation and transformed to a joyful work of art, outshining even the song that he was conveying.

The exuberant performance was more than just showmanship though – Tommy said that the way he interprets a song is intended to help those who are deaf to enjoy the spirit of the song. “The important thing is that people who can´t hear is suppose to get the same experience as people who can. They should be able to have an opinion about the song, just like everyone else.”

And while it may have been originally intended for the hearing impaired, Tommy Krångh’s performance has certainly introduced a ray of sunshine to my Wednesday.