Someone Keeps Shaving this Womens Cat

For the fifth time in a row Jo Jo Yarjau has found her tabby shaved.

“The first time it was the base of her tail as well, and under her belly,” Yarjau said. “It looks like a razor did it because it looks like her nipples were cut, and that’s a pretty defining factor of what’s going on.”

She said it seems whenever Tabby goes outside in the Kit Crescent area of Campbell River, she comes back with a different part of her body shaved. It’s happened five times already, and other cats in the neighbourhood have also been shaved, Yarjau said.

Evidently someone is sick of cats getting onto their property. We’d recommend a bucket of water. It takes a lot less effort and is far more effective. Or if they were going to go to the effort they may as well go all out: