Spice Up Your Sex Life This Valentine’s Day

Whether you are going through a lull in your sex life or simply want to amp it up a little bit, there is always room to add a little spice. Here are five easy ways to turn it up a notch and spice up your sex life, just in time for Valentine’s Day…

Devote time to each other

One of the easiest ways to add some spark back into the sexy mix is to simply devote more time to one another. And I’m not talking about just in the bedroom. Aim to meet up for lunch on your breaks once or twice a week, schedule in regular date nights, or send each other naughty texts throughout the day because getting flirty with each other outside the bedroom will pretty quickly transpire to a whole lot of lust in the bedroom too. Schedule it in if you have to… This may not seem too sexy at the time but the more sex you have the more sex you want and eventually your day planner just won’t be able to keep up.

Make time for foreplay

Another way to spice things up is to devote plenty of time to foreplay and make this just as important, if not more important, than the big act itself. Put time into re-exploring each other’s bodies and take your time. There is no need to rush! Start slow and tease each other’s bodies with your fingers, tongue, ticklers, whatever, and make your lovers body tingle from top to bottom.

Ask about each other’s fantasies

If you haven’t done this before then now is the time. Relationships are all about open communication and discussing things with each other. Opening up about our sexual fantasies can be pretty intimidating, so be delicate with each other and be wary of how you respond.
No giggling, no judgement. Just listen, and even if the fantasy seems totally outlandish try to understand it from their perspective and be open-minded. And don’t think that just because you talk about it means that you have to live it out and indulge in it with this person, but there may be elements of the fantasy that can easily be incorporated into the relationship and add a whole lot of fun.

Try something new

In saying that don’t be afraid to try new things! Even if they may seem a little scary at first. The best way is to talk openly and ease into it. So whether it’s something like dirty talk, role play, anal sex, a couple’s sex toy or a bit of light bondage, just make sure that you and your partner are both consenting and on the same page about your expectations and limitations. Have a safe word, and make it as fun as possible. That way, even if things go a little south you can both have a laugh about it later and try things a bit differently next time.

Add a toy

Time to get rid of the stigma that sex toys are designed to substitute a partner during sex but this is really not true. Of course, they work amazingly well in doing so if that’s what you want it for, but the real purpose of a sex toy is to make sex even better and enhance the pleasure for everyone involved. And there really is a toy for everybody and every need so no need to jump straight in with the biggest vibrator or plug on the market. Start small, try out a bullet vibe, a vibrating cock ring or even some stimulating lube and explore a whole new world of sexual sensation. You just might love it.

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