Spy Valley’s 2013 Merlot/Malbec

Spy Valley winery is situated in the Waihopai Valley in the south western arm of the Marlborough region. A sleepy valley  that has a certain laidback charm about it.
Being inland and away from the moderating effects of the ocean though means the area will experience lower winter temperatures and higher frost risks in the spring and autumn so when it comes to harvesting, the atmosphere is far from laidback. With a more intense and slightly shorter growing season, it makes ideal growing conditions for Pinot Noirs and aromatics but also, it would seem for their Merlot Malbec.
The Spy Valley 2013 Merlot/Malbec is blood red in colour with a bouquet of sweet red berry fruits and a hint of oak. It has a lovely soft palette with bright red fruit and floral notes. It has an easy going style with a certain laid back charm about it –a great expression of the Waihopai Valley itself.
Share this wine with good, hearty winter fare such as a Beef Stroganoff or a Chicken and Mushroom ragout.


Remember to drink responsibly.