Stay On Top – Wellness Trends September 2018


While some of us find it hard to put our smartphones down, working out while using them isn’t exactly the easiest feat. Designed specifically for women, the Fitbit Versa lets you part with your smartphone during your gym session without worrying if you’re missing those important emails. A smartwatch and fitness tracker in one, this new style can respond to texts from your Android phone and messages on Facebook or WhatsApp while collating daily and weekly health data and delivering you tips, tricks and motivational messages. With personalised workouts, a menstrual cycle tracker, as well as all the essential features you need in your everyday life such as apps, calendars and card-free payments using Fitbit Pay, the Versa lets you stay on top of your body’s needs while keeping you up to date with your life admin.

Immune Support For Winter Ills and Chills

Immune support for winter ills and chills* Olive Leaf Extract has been traditionally used to support the immune system during winter ills and chills. Be proactive this winter with a daily dose** of Comvita® Fresh- Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract. It is naturally high in antioxidants and by adding just 15mL per day for adults in your morning juice or smoothie makes it a great way to help maintain your general wellbeing all year round. Available in three flavours; original, peppermint and mixed berry.

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Matcha Magic

While some of us try to curb our coffee addiction, we’re left wondering how else we can reignite our spark without turning to the dreaded energy drinks. Enter matcha. With its L-theanine amino acid, known to help with relaxation without feelings of lethargy, it is a superb alternative to caffeine, helping to give you back your ‘buzz’. Improved cholesterol levels, blood pressure and detoxification have been said to be just some of the benefits that matcha can help with, while the phytochemicals contained within it are also thought to help decrease fat absorption in the gut. Boutique tea makers Storm & India have released a matcha range to help you get your ultimate ‘green’ fix. Coming in stylish resealable pouches and vacuum-sealed tea tins, the Storm


With a throwback to the ‘90s comes Reebok’s latest release, Rapide. Keep up with the fitspo trend with this retro-inspired sneaker, which references the brand’s roots while bringing it into modern times. Sporting a bold-coloured logo and coveted by Reebok brand partner Ariana Grande in her new video for The Light is Coming, the Rapide sneaker will keep you looking fitspired.