Stepping Off the Diet Wheel

Fad diets promise fast results through extreme measures ─ the juice diet, the cabbage soup diet and the lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper concoction are amongst the many we sadly know all too well.

Often the inspiration for us to hop onto that old train is the guilt that stems from our addiction to junk food ─ we are talking about that third handful of chips after we swore the first was going to be our last. Obviously, this cycle of alternating between fad diets and bags of chips is not doing well for any of us ─ what’s missing in this picture is the incorporation of real food.

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Unlike its estranged, processed cousins, real food gives us real nutrients and satisfaction without that kick of guilt that drives us to follow the latest fast weight loss trend. Although it may be hard to fathom, the transition into healthy eating isn’t as torturous as you might imagine. Mother and cook Caralee Caldwell knows this all too well as someone who triumphed over the vicious cycle. She shares her journey out of unhealthy eating habits into a real life with real food in her new book, Real Food Pledge, with an abundance of recipes that are so delectably healthy, you might just find enough temptation to leave the dark side.

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