Study: Has Pop Music Got Dumber?

Music could be perceived as a barometer of society; it’s pervasive and often reflects the mood and attitudes of its time. It’s already been proven that music has got progressively louder and less varied over time. Also pop music has become darker and more self focused. None of these seem to give a positive outlook. So has this new piece of research got anything positive to say?


Well crap. Just as we suspected. Seatsmart created this list by putting lyrics through analysis tools that figured out the average reading level of the lyrics. Unfortunately it doesn’t take into account things like meaning, metaphor, and all that good stuff that makes lyrics engaging but it’s still a fun little graph to check out.


[tab title=”Top Pop Artists”]

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The smartest song over the last 10 years goes to All About Tonight by Blake Shelton. The worst 10 also seem to also be completely lax in terms of spelling, resembling a 15 year old’s text message. Buy U a Drank and TiK ToK for example.

smartest_songs_logo dumbest_songs_logo

Purely out of curiosity I put Stairway to Heaven through the test and it scored a 5.3, ranking it third on the list of the smartest songs.