Style your home: Spice World

Image from the Winter Collection by Adairs.

Transport your senses with the delicious, soothing tones of a spice market. Be it in a bedroom, lounge or reading nook, accents of cinnamon, turmeric and saffron will create the perfect oasis of relaxation- the perfect antidote to gloomy weather.

Style Tip

Layers of different tones and fabrics help create depth and richness especially in a confined space such as a bedroom.

1. Chaise Lounge $6249 from Bo Concept. 2. Cushion by Genevieve Levy $259 from Madder & Rouge. 3. Pouf by Warm Nordic $950 from Good Form. 4. Chair $1845 from Tim Webber Design. 5. Vase $127 from Capricho. 6. Daybed by Simon James POA from Simon James Design. 7. Leather Headboard $920 by Thread Design. 8. Throw $239 from Citta. 9. Rug by Dilana $6435 from Good Form. 10. Throw $115 from French Country Collections.