Surprise: You’ve been doing your brows wrong

Not too long ago, none of us gave a second thought about how our brows looked, it was the least of our worries when it came to getting ready. But now, meticulous eyebrows are essentially a work of art, with copious amounts of products and routines dedicated to achieving the perfect arch, thickness and colour. We’ve come to realize that if eyes are the windows to our soul, then the brows must be the frames. But to achieve flawless, Instagram-worthy eyebrows, you need to start with perfecting what you’ve already got, and this is where waxing comes in.

Ah yes, brow waxing; the bane of our existence, the dreaded fortnightly visits to the salon that we are all too familiar with. The feeling of lying down on the table and anticipating the warmth of the wax, while trying to suppress the involuntary yelp as the beautician rips off traces of stray hairs (sometimes even layers of skin). Brow waxing has become a routine as this point that none of us has ever questioned the process. But according to Jared Bailey, Benefit’s brow expert, we’ve actually been waxing our brows wrong this entire time!

Traditionally waxing is done lying down flat on your back. Well, if you’ve ever taken a selfie lying flat on your back then you know what gravity does to your face . . . it distorts, stretches; it’s just not kind,

So if you’ve ever wondered why your brows never look quite right, it’s probably due to gravity shifting your face during the waxing process. At Benefit’s Brow Bar, you’ll notice that all clients get their brows done while sitting upright to “create a shape in proportion to the way your face most naturally falls”.

Source: Benefit

Sure, it may not be as relaxing at the traditional method of lying down, but that’s only a small sacrifice to make for perfect eyebrows.