Taylor Swift And Gigi Hadid Celebrated The Models 21st In The Best Way Ever

Gigi Hadid turned 21 this weekend and it was an event to remember, from Hadid and Malik family dinners to beach days and private jets Gigi will not forget the weekend she turned 21.

Of course, if you didn’t snapchat it all did it really happen? According to Gigi – no. The model shared with her fans everything that happened and the thing we are most jealous about is the incredible looking cake Taylor Swift presumably baked for her. It is what you do for your #girlsquad after all.

Birthday Weekend Goals-met vibes. One night at Coachella, thank you T! ?⚡️☄?

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Taylor and Gigi were joined by Calvin Harris as they hopped on a private plane and jetted from Malibu to Coachella. Somewhere in between they revealed the cake.



The trip to Coachella was nothing short of Gigi third-wheeling the romantic date, but no one seemed to care.

“Thank you guys so much for having me on your romantic date,” Gigi said in a video.

“Thanks for coming on your birthday weekend, that’s great. Wow,” Taylor responded.

“F*cking pleasure,” Calvin simply replied.