5 Keys to Cosy

Nothing beats going back to a snuggly space after a long, tiring day of work (or fun). Here at M2woman, we know that the best and most blissful way to start and end a day is in comfort, and so it brings us great pleasure to provide you with the 5 essential elements to look out for for a cosier home:


The right use of fabrics and linens can heighten the cosiness of any space ─ thick, cable-knit blankets, heavy curtains or fluffy rugs on the floor can instantly soften up the mood and look of your home. To create a warm, comforting atmosphere, remember to opt for warmer colours over the overtly bright ones. Treat yourself to some cotton linen for the bed, and add in soft, faux fur throws for a glamorous look that simply spells COMFY.


The lighting in any space is important in creating any sort of mood. For a cosier environment, opt out of cool, bright lights and fix up some warm, yellow lights instead. Any room should have more than one light source ─ using simple, decorative lamps with warm lighting or hanging fairy lights above your bed or on the windows will inject a sense of tranquillity and calm to your surroundings.


Temperature is key when it comes to comfort ─ you’d want a temperature that is just right in your home to make things extra cosy. This can be done with some heated flooring, or an open, traditional fireplace (we are talking about real fire here, not those weird electronic things) to set the mood and sail you right through the cold nights.


There are no words to describe how much the scent of a house can transform it into a cosy, snuggly home. The use of scented candles, essential oils and incense brings just the right tinge of comfort ─ adding musky, floral notes to the air will just make things that much better.


Nothing is cosier or more comforting than feeling like you’re stepping on clouds and lying on roses. Add a furry rug next to your bed for your feet to dive into first thing in the morning. Choose down comforters or thick, soft duvets for the bedroom and place carpets and rugs throughout your home.