The Best Country to be a Mother – How NZ Compares

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, it’s worth remembering that motherhood is no easy task – and mums in some countries have it a lot harder than others. Save the Children, an organization founded almost 100 years ago to improve the lives of children worldwide, has just released its annual State of the World’s Mothers report, and the news for New Zealand could be better.

Taking into account 5 different factors (Maternal health, Children’s wellbeing, Educational status, Economic status, and Political status) Save the Children has produced a Mother’s Index, ranking countries in order from the best place to be a mother, to the worst. New Zealand comes in at number 17 worldwide, and while that puts us above both the UK (24) and the US (33) there certainly seems to be room for improvement. Australia (9) scrapes into the top 10 with Norway topping the list due to a strong showing across all 5 criteria and topping Economic status, meaning mothers have the means to provide the best for their kids.

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1. Norway

2. Finland

3. Iceland

4. Denmark

5. Sweden

6. Netherlands

7. Spain

8. Germany


9. Australia

10. Belgium

11. Austria

12. Italy

13. Switzerland

14. Singapore

15. Slovenia

16. Portuga


17. New Zealand

18. Israel

19. Greece

20. Canada

21. Luxembourg

22. Ireland

23. France

24. United Kingdom


What do you think: is 17 respectable, or should we expect better? And what can we do to make this a better country for mums?

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