The Dressing Room

Drawing inspiration from luxury boutique fixtures, create a haven within your home that takes wardrobe planning to a whole other level. Sumptuous velvet, sleek glass accents and polished oak lend the way for romantic blush and pops of mustard and citrine.

Style TIP:
Using a statement armchair helps to create spacial distinction within a bigger room. Hanging beautiful pendant lighting and artwork around it works to designate the area without separating it.

1. Pendant $600 from Monmouth Glass Studio.

2. Cushion by KLAY, $150 from Tessuti.

3. Drawers by USM, POA from ECC.

4. Mirror $690 from Citta.

5. Dressing Table $2990 from Douglas and Bec.

6. Vase by Tom Dixon $140 from Simon Jmes Concept Store.

7. Cabinet by Lee Broom, POA from ECC.

8. Armchair by Piet Boon Collection, POA from ECC.

9. Candle by Fornasetti $299 from
World Beauty.

10. Rug $4370 from Nodi Rugs.

11. Art Print by George Sand Studio $58 from Endemic

12. Chair $1195 from Me & My Trend.

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