“The Last Message Received” Tumblr Is Heart-Wrenching

The Last Message Received is a Tumblr page created by 15-year-old Emily Trunko at Ohio Virtual Academy. Users submit the last message they got from former friends, lovers and deceased loved ones.

“I’ve always been fascinated with glimpses into the lives of other people,” Trunko told BuzzFeed. “I thought that the last message sent before a breakup or before someone passed away would be really poignant.”


I invited him to come watch my play every day for a month and he always said he was gonna come because that’s what friends do, but then he didn’t show up. I asked him why and this is what I got.


That Friday I was at a fraternity party, and that was the last time I saw him. It turned out he drove home and took his own life. I knew something was wrong when I hadn’t heard from him. We were in love and planning our future together. He left behind a son as well.


He and I have a long history. The last time we talked, we were both drunk and he said he was still in love with me. But I don’t love him anymore. I told him I’d talk to him when we were sober. I haven’t spoken to him since.


“I’m gonna be honest. I was drunk last night and didn’t mean to say any of that. I hope we can still be friends.” This after a year of drunk dialing me and never officially committing to dating me.


He didn’t.


What my dad commented on my mom’s (divorced) first day of sophomore year picture of me the day before he died.




We were the ultimate fairytale. Never fought, never hurt each other, always hand in hand. One day he just changed and walked out of my life. He married someone he just met, after knowing each other for a week. These were our last words, before I was to never hear from him again. I still love him and will wait forever, for The One.


Last message my grandma sent me when she went into heart surgery. Died 9 days later.


The last thing my best friend posted was to me. “I think you’ll really enjoy this”. He then disappeared. 6 months later he turned up dead on a bus from a heroin overdose. I miss him all the time.


I asked him for some closure. We’d broken up two months previous and hadn’t talked since, it was sudden and painful after 2 years of dating and 1 year of living together. He had opened up communication the day previously, wanting to be friends, and I shut it down quickly but then realized I wanted some answers about the breakup and had texted asking for him to explain why he had wanted to breakup in the first place. He said he was super drunk watching the game and I said he could do it tomorrow. He never texted me the next day. I suspect this was the last time I’ll ever talk to him.


“Hey, we used to be friends, and I really liked you, but it’s over now. There is someone in my life who completes me. I don’t want to lead you on, you are a great girl and I really hope you find someone who means as much to you as she means to me.”

All I had said to him was “Hey.”


I had asked my brother for advice about a guy who I was dating. I was exhausted and passed out abruptly, woke up late to work my double for the Father’s Day rush. I never had the chance to check my phone. My brother was killed in his sleep thirty minutes after he had texted me. I found out when I was on my way to meet my family for Father’s Day dinner.


After 5 years of friendship, I always thought he was going to be the one I ended up with, but I guess things just didn’t turn out that way. It’s crazy to think about all those conversations and memories came to end in one single word, “No”.


Repeatedly trying be there for someone, but that someone was biting the hand that fed them.


“I do apologize, on my behalf, you see I make few regrets, one of them was investing trust in you. Coming from an elitist, I thought you would be able to handle a simple situation, but instead, your little walk today proves you would only add drama to it, and you know I hate drama. I don’t know why you had to fret over this, I thought you were more mature, but again, my mistake, not yours. I gave you the benefit of the doubt though, that’s all I can say that I did right on my behalf. You know my plate is full, and rather than helping me, you would prove to be yet another task to manage, it simply goes beyond rational. I hope you learn that it really isn’t all about you, no matter how much you try to make it so. This may sound like an aggressive letter, but it’s not, rather, it’s my final gift to you, as I know, this is the only way you’ll come to a reasonable understanding of what today was really about. Good luck, and goodbye.”

He committed suicide two years later. It’ll be three years in January, but the guilt never really goes away. Rest easy.


He was emotionally abusive. He found a new girlfriend two weeks later. I hope he’s treating her better than he did me.It’s been a year since this, and I’m still too scared to date someone new.He was my best friend before we dated.


We dated for two years. He cheated on me. I took him back, but it was never the same. We never broke up, but this was the last we ever spoke. He was my very first love.


He told me he still loved me a few days before this. We had been best friends for 4 years and also in love with each other. Then he pulled a 180 on me and acted like a complete stranger. I haven’t heard from him since.