The Lives of “Dangerous Women”

New York City based art collector Peter Cohen has spent the last two decades of his life collecting images of “Dangerous Women” – women who behave outside the norms society has prescribed for them. This 20 year project has culminated in a book entitled Snapshots of Dangerous Women intended as a gift for his equally bold sister, celebrating the rebellion of females against conventional expectation and gender stereotypes. The vintage photographs feature women who didn’t drink like ladies, smoke like ladies or sit like ladies. Therefore, they were ‘dangerous’.

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These images feature women from the 30s, 40s and 50s smoking, drinking, dressing like men or playing sports, but echoes an issue that is still very much prominent in society today, leading us to wonder if such stereotyping has really ceased with time.



In view of these ‘Dangerous Women’ of the past, what would a similar collection of images look like today? This photographic curation of free-spirited and independent women will be release on 24 March in New Zealand to end Women’s History Month with a nostalgic but relevant bang.

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