The new face of financial Advice

Thinking about a career in financial planning but worried it’s a boy’s club? Think again.


The financial services industry is one that had historically been dominated by men in the past, but there is a growing acknowledgement that women taking on a career as Financial Advisers actually have many advantages over their male counterparts. Not only can this make for a rewarding career but it can provide many benefits for clients who are realising the importance of planning for their financial future, who want an adviser they can talk to openly and discuss their financial goals.

Camelot is one of the fastest growing Financial Advisory firms in New Zealand helping clients build, preserve and protect their wealth with the goal of achieving financial security to maintain a desirable and realistic lifestyle. Camelot’s team has 52 people including 22 male and 7 female advisers spread across nine centres throughout New Zealand. “There are strong benefits of having both male and female advisers within the team, this way we can make sure we provide our clients with the most compatible adviser who will help them reach their financial goals” says Managing Director, Peter Cave.

Members from their advisory team share with us their insights from this exciting and rewarding field. The most common thread amongst all of Camelot’s advisers is the new perspective that female advisers have been able to inject into the industry.

“Women in our industry are passionate and enthusiastic and often bring a new perspective to the advice process.” says Pam from her Nelson office.

Toni, who has recently joined Camelot as their Compliance Manager tells us “Building long term professional relationships and being a trusted adviser is crucial in the industry. Women excel at building and developing relationships, inspiring people, collaborating and working in teams”.

There is also a sense that this perspective often comes from personal experience.

“I feel that women understand the needs of women, families and businesses (the whole package). Women will make sure the job gets done and women are sensitive to the clients changing needs” reflects Chane, Camelot’s trainee adviser in Auckland.

We are rewarded with no limit to income potential and numerous staff benefits.  It is almost like running your own business within a business.

For many clients a life changing event can also necessitate the motivation to seek out financial advice. In times like this, it is often a female adviser that is best matched to their situation.

“We all know families who have suffered a tragic death, unexpected disability or an unwelcome diagnosis like cancer. At such a time, there is very little in the way of good news. The love and support of others is important and comforting – but the loss is huge and the adjustments often significant. While money can never replace a loved family member or seldom totally restore lost health, thanks to pre-arranged insurance and financial solutions our Camelot team of professional, caring, qualified financial advisers is able to offer financial security and personal choices” says Sue from the Southland team.

Hans, one of the founding partners in Camelot tells us from his perspective “I believe we need to have more female Advisers within the industry. They are able to offer an alternative to a mostly male biased profession. From experience gained over 25 years, I know that many clients often prefer to deal with a female who can offer sound, practical advice through clear and incisive thinking and offering realistic recommendations in a professional manner”.

Camelot believes the changing industry is providing key benefits to advisers that go far beyond the financial rewards. Cathy who is based in the Tauranga office, left her role as an Accountant six years ago, to join the team. “I think that a lot of women are inspired to join the industry as a result of seeing friends and families experience traumatic/life threatening events impacting their lives. I know I lost three friends in their early 40’s to breast cancer leaving behind young children and partners. Or it is maybe sitting in front of a client or a couple helping them plan for their retirement – knowing that they may not have the financial literacy to be able to work through this alone. Either way there is a certain ‘feel good’ factor about your role as an adviser”.

Christine who joined the Christchurch team as a Mortgage Adviser feels that successful women don’t work to the detriment of the family unit as that causes internal conflict. Instead they learn how to cohesively manage both well. Christine feels that Camelot offers an environment where that is respected and appreciated, that both must be in harmony.

Trish who joined Camelot in Taranaki ten years after her children started school, explains “we are rewarded with no limit to income potential and numerous staff benefits. It is almost like running your own business within a business, whilst we have the support of an expert management team. The flexibility that comes with this means that we can be professionals whilst attending to all the demands of life that are also important to women.”
As Camelot are proving, family responsibilities don’t have to get in the way of a successful career in financial services and in fact, actually provide benefits including empathy and perspective. A unique flexibility and support network also sets the foundation for growth and success.

If you would like a career that brings personal satisfaction, growth and enjoy working with people then Camelot would be interested to talk to you. Camelot is seeking more advisers to join the team across their offices based in Auckland, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Havelock North, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Invercargill.

So, are you interested in a future with Financial Services? If so you should send your CV to: or Tina Evans, General Manager,
P O Box 104, Wellington 6140



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