The Philosophy Of A Road Trip

I’m very sorry if I am about to offend any roading designers (if that is indeed a job title) but North Island roads are a little boring. I understand that they aren’t actually meant to entertain us in any way. They are in fact there to provide a fairly utilitarian platform in order for us to get from one place to another. From A to B in fact. Road’s by their nature don’t do a lot. Other than provide a stable base of bitumen in order for us to make our way to where we need to go. That understanding and appreciation still doesn’t make a four hour trip down the North Island any more enjoyable and I let out an audible groan when my worse half even goes anywhere near suggesting it.




Usually. But this time when my partner suggests it, we have a gleaming new Mercedes-Benz C 300 Coupé sitting in the driveway – seemingly shimmering in the sunlight with excitement at hitting the road. There’s a self-help metaphor in here someone I’m sure about how the context can really change a situation. But sitting in a beautifully sculptured pearl white example of German engineering at its best really tends to change the emotional significance of sitting at the Huntly lights. For me this is the real magic of a great car. I’m not so much about how a car makes me look, but I think it’s far more important to consider how a car makes me feel. And when you are looking out at the world through the beautifully crafted frame of the C 300 Coupé interior it makes everything seem a whole lot more exotic and special.




And this makes perfect sense. Perspective makes all the difference in the world. And take the world for instance. From the surface of the moon, the earth looks pretty special. From the bottom of a quarry, the world looks pretty dark. You might be looking at the same thing but it’s your perspective that makes all the difference.

I realise at this point that we are 359 words in to this pseudo car review and I haven’t actually told you anything about the C 300 Coupé other than how it frames the world on a philosophical level. And I am sorry about that but really, what more do you need to know?




Okay, I’ll cover my bases quickly… 1,991cc turbo charged engine, AMG 19-inch 14 spoke alloy wheels, sports exhaust system, starting price $97,900. And it’s worth every penny. There you go, quick car review. Now back to the important stuff.




Road trips are inherently about driving of course. Otherwise they would be called something else. The thing about the C 300 Coupé is that it just makes the journey so memorable, so comfortable and so pleasurable. Every ounce of technology (and there is a tonne) is working on really working every bit of road. The car not only handles like it is on rails but it will also make sure you keep inside your lane if you get distracted. It is responsive in terms of power too. These factors all lead to that aforementioned perspective. A great experience is really driven by a number of factors from aesthetics to sound to sensation. And it’s for this very reason that a recent trip down State Highway 1 now ranks up there with driving trips through Italy and South America.

With a slight shift in perspective, even one of the world’s most boring roads can become one of the most breath-taking.