The Secret Air NZ Lounge You’ll Never See

If you think the Koru Lounge is nice, you’re in for a bit of a surprise. Air New Zealand has a whole new level of luxury that awaits a very select few. Details about ‘Elite Priority One’ in short supply as the whole thing is a closely guarded secret – even the location of this ultra-premium club is uncertain.

It’s an invite only club for a very small number of customers.

What is known is that you can’t just buy a membership. You have to be personally invited to join by Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon or one of his top executives. When questioned, all the airline had to say on the matter was, “It’s an invite only club for a very small number of customers.” Xero founder Rod Drury said that he knew of the existence of the Elite Priority One lounges, but wouldn’t confirm whether or not he was a member.

The club was believed to have been launched last year with lounges in Sydney and Los Angeles, and will (probably) be coming Auckland this year.

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