The Travel Company Offering a Personal Photographer

“Pics or it didn’t happen” was a common refrain in a lot of forums back in the day. Since people have migrated to Facebook it’s no less true. If you aren’t cataloging your every move for your friends and Five Eyes then it may as well have never happened.

The selfie is no new invention. One of the first photos of a person ever take was a selfie by Robert Cornelius in 1839. In 1900 the Kodak Brownie Box Camera made the process of selfies even easier. Now that we have personal super computers in our pockets, selfies are commonplace. So where to from here? Well instead of getting a selfie stick to take with you on holiday, you can take a professional photographer with you instead.

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Why slum it with a selfie stick or lose a member of your group as they stand behind the camera to do a group photo when you can have a professional get you the best pictures to chuck on your profile?

El Camino Travel provides a photographer who shadows you on your South American adventures so you don’t need to worry about getting your phone sandy. Each morning you’re provided with 25 professionally selected and edited photos to either put in your photo album when you get home (as if!) or put on your timeline immediately.


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El Camino Travel is currently concentrating on Latin American adventures in places such as San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, Cartagena, Colombia and Tulum, Mexico. Also 3% of profits made by El Camino go back into local social entrepreneurs who are working at building their communities up.

To be honest, any excuse to get rid of the need to take selfies seems like a good one.

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