The Ultimate Break Up Txt From an 11 Year Old

Sometimes adults can over complicate things. Especially when it comes to relationships, and especially when it comes to ending relationships. Sometimes the best lessons come from those with less life experience than we give them credit for. One such profound nugget of insight comes from Texas of all places and from the mind of an 11 year old girl.

Her txt conversation between her and her boyfriend became twitter fodder when her 17-year-old sister, Madi Nickens, shared the iPhone exchange between her younger sister and her middle-school boyfriend, Joey, as she ended the relationship.

The breakup is triggered by Joey taking another girl, Natalie, to the park. Joey tries to defend himself but the wheels are already in motion.


The true depth of their love for each is revealed with the story of a Starbucks coffee. Still, there is no going back.


And then with a triple punch knockout she ends the relationship and takes breakup burns to a new level. A level that Joey is apparently not on.