The World’s 5 Most Expensive Foods

If you’ve ever winced at a particularly large restaurant bill, you’ll know just how pricey fine dining can get. But no matter how much of a sting in the wallet that was, it’ll never come close to the fee that these ultra-premium foodstuffs can command. And whether or not you think these morsels are worth the thousands that people shell out for them, there’s no denying that there are many, many wealthy folks who are willing to pay every cent.

5. Wagyu Steak – $2,800Wagyu-Steak

Having achieved a legendary status as ‘the steak of steaks’, it’s no surprise to see Wagyu making the list – to be honest I’m shocked it isn’t higher up. Wagyu Kobe beef comes from cows raised in one prefecture of Japan, hand massaged and beer fed to produce unparalled marbling and exquisite flavour. At the elite Craftsteak in New York City, a full Wagyu ribeye was served to a private party for $2800.

4. Dansuke Watermelon – $6,100Most-Expensive-Fruits-in-the-World-TOP-10-N2.-Densuke-Watermelon-6100

Another delicacy from Japan, this is no ordinary watermelon. Usually given as very special gifts because of their rarity, the Dansuke black watermelon is grown only on the northern island of Hokkaido with usually less than 100 of the ultra-rare fruits being produced every year. Which probably explains how one monster 7.7kg Dansuke ended up fetching a juicy $6,100.

3. Yubari Melons – $22,872Cantaloupes

Northern Japan really seems to have a good thing going. These cantaloupes are a special cultivar only grown in the small town of Yubari on Hokkaido. At a Japanese auction in 2008, two award winning Yubari King melons sold together for ¥2.5 million, or US$22,872.

2. Almas Caviar – $25,000thumb

All caviar is expensive, but Almas caviar is indisputably the king of caviar. It comes from Iran and is taken from the critically endangered Beluga sturgeon. Connoisseurs will take a small dollop of the Beluga caviar with a non-metallic spoon and place it on their hand, near the webbing between the thumb and forefinger and eat it from there. The only known retailer Almas caviar sells the stuff for around $25,000 per kg, in a 24 carat gold tin.

1. White Truffles – $330,000Truffle-Putih

Notoriously difficult to cultivate, the highly prized white truffle only grows in a select band around central Europe and are much valued for their delicate flavour. The highest price paid for a white truffle $330,000, shelled out by a Macau casino owner for a 1.5 kg specimen. That’s one fancy fungus.