The World’s Most Expensive Diamond Was Bought For a 7-Year-Old

CNN reports that the ‘Blue Moon’ diamond of a hefty 12.03 carats was sold for $38.4 million dollars to Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau at the Sotheby’s auction in Geneva. According to the auctioneer, it is the “highest price per carat” ever obtained for any type of stone.


The 12.03-carat blue diamond that was sold for $48.4 million at auction on November 11, 2015, making it the world’s most expensive diamond.

The successful bidder renamed the stone ‘Blue Moon of Josephine’ and the day before at a Christie’s auction in Geneva, another bidder purchased a 16.08-carat pink diamond for $28.5 million who dubbed it ‘Sweet Josephine’.

‘Sweet Josephine’ – 16.08 carat pink diamond with a double row of pave-set white diamonds around the main stone.

Though the bidder was anonymous, his renaming of the stones provided clues for his identity being Joseph Lau of property firm Chinese Estates Holdings. Lau’s assistant told CNN, “Yes, the diamonds were bought by Mr. Joseph Lau for his daughter.”

‘Star of Josephine’

In 2009, Lau purchased a 7.03 carat blue diamond for $9.48 million and named it the ‘Star of Josephine’.

‘The Zoe Diamond’ – 9.75 carat diamond bought from the collection of the late Bunny Mellon for $32.6 million.
‘The Zoe Red’

Last November, according to CNN, he purchased a 9.75 carat blue diamond for $32.6 million, calling it ‘The Zoe Diamond’ and also a Burmese ruby and diamond brooch of 10.10 carats for $8.43 million naming it ‘The Zoe Red’.

What lucky girls.