These Are All the Baby Names That Were Banned In New Zealand Last Year

Turns out you can’t experiment with some over-the-top quirky names for your new born. In 1995, New Zealand decided there should be certain names that are banned – all for the public’s good. In accordance with the Births, Marriages, Deaths and Relationships Registrations Act’s rules, parents must not give their child a name that implies rank, resembles official titles, causes undue offence, and as a full name is no longer than 99 characters.

The list of names rejected last year has been released and I am laughing out loud.

1. Messiah
2. King
3. Royal
4. Prince
5. Royale
6. Bishop
7. Empress
8. Princess
9. / (symbol in name)
10. () name in brackets
11. Chief
12. Christ
13. Commodore
14. Impryss
15. Justice
16. Justyce
17. Knight
18. Lord
19. MMMR
20. Queen
21. Regal
22. Rogue
23. Royaal
24. Royahl
25. Sarjant
26. Sir
27. Suprintedent
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