This 2-in-1 Exfoliant And Mask Is the Time-Saving Product You Need

This is your weekend pamper session done in 5 minutes. Rich in white clay and exfoliating grains, Sothys 2-in-1 Mask Exfoliant is the one stop solution for a quick at-home facial. The blueberry and cranberry extracts act as anti-oxidants, hydrating the skin and restoring radiance. Use once or twice a week as an exfoliant, mask or both.


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Sothys 2 in 1 Mask Exfoliant $59.80


The 2-in-1 action: Apply onto clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye contour area. Exfoliate with circular movements and then leave on the skin as a mask for 5 minutes. Emulsify and then rise.
The 2-step exfoliation and mask can also be done separately.
Exfoliation: Apply onto clean skin with circular movements, avoiding the eye
contour area. Emulsify and the rinse.
Mask: Apply a medium layer to the skin and leave for 5 minutes. Emulsify and
then rinse.