This Company Let’s You Keep Your Job & Travel For a Year

Remote Year is a unique travel concept which is the product of an increasingly decentralized workplace. That was perhaps the most jargon filled sentence I’ve written all day.

Ok, so say that you have a job that allowed you to work remotely, or from home on your laptop. You’re really squandering it by staying in the same country the whole time. Now imagine if you could go to a travel agent and they set you up for a year, with your work in mind. That’s exactly what Remote Year does.


Remote Year brings together a community of 75 professionals from across the globe to spend a year, working, travelling, and exploring 12 cities around the world. You spend a month in each city, giving you time to settle in, get some work done and also connect properly with the local culture.

Remote Year also organises fun activities for the group to do to connect with your “co-workers” and make sure that it isn’t all about the daily grind.

Life's a beach // @jaimbish working remotely ☀️

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The trips stretches the Americas, Europe, and Asia, giving you a good taste of what the world has to offer.

Just a note though, the program doesn’t give you a job, you need to be already set up to do it in the first place.

The next Remote Year starts in June, so if you’re interested you better get booking.