This Fan Sung With Rihanna At Her Concert And Blew Her Away With His Incredible Voice

It is a dream for every member of Rihanna’s ‘Navy’ to share a duet with their queen and one fan not only had his dreams come true when he sung the duet to ‘Four five seconds’, but he got the best response ever!

Just because her expression was so amazing. Here is a close up.

Ri Ri is completely and utterly in shock because the man she pointed the mic at just owned the song. At one point, you can even hear her mutter ‘Oh Sh*t!”

The man behind the voice was Terah Stewart, a dedicated member of the Navy who took to Twitter to share how he felt after this experience.

Apparently Terah is trying to use this fame as a stepping stone into a broadway career. Something we think he would be pretty incredible at.