This Guy’s Cute Wedding Proposal Was Hidden In 5 Months Of Photos

It took Ray Smith 148 days to propose to his fiancee, and it was totally worth it.

After discovering that they were pregnant he set about taking photos to “track the pregnancy” Ray explained. ‘Sometimes she wanted to see the pictures so I had to take more than one – one with the card and one without.’

‘I had no clue, I was totally oblivious to it all,’ his Fiancee Claire told Metro.

‘I was totally surprised, but in hindsight it’s exactly the kind of thing he does. He likes to do romantic things,’ she said about the proposal, which he finished on Christmas day.

‘It was all a bit chaotic on Christmas Day morning so I took her away and set it all up on the laptop. I got down on one knee and gave her a bit of spiel, and then popped the question,’ Ray recalled.

So cute and just remember, he kept a secret from you for 148 days in photos, what else is he deftly keeping secret from you? Ha ha, just kidding guys. All the best!