This Gymnasts Beam Routine Will Blow You Away

As a child who attended gymnastics, I can affirm that the beam is an incredibly terrifying piece of equipment. But one girl who has no fear when it comes to the beam is Gabby Douglas, a 20-year-old gold medal Olympian who jumped, flipped and balanced her way into the 2016 Rio Olympics.

From split-leaps to tumbles, Gabby’s performance shows just what she is made of – which is muscles, fearlessness and a body that can bend in any way possible!

The gymnast has her eye on winning gold for a second time, which has not been done by a female gymnast since 1968. In fact, only six American women have competed in a second Olympics. She will definitely be one to watch at the Olympics.

Watch the performance here and be prepared to wish you took gymnastic classes more seriously!