This Invention Means Brides Can Go To The Bathroom In Their Wedding Dress With Ease

Brides, maid of honours and bridesmaids rejoice, the most stressful task of any wedding is now resolved, all thanks to this invention.

Introducing the Bridal Buddy, a slip that makes it possible for a bride to use the bathroom without the help of her army.

“Why hasn’t anyone thought of something to help the bride use the bathroom without getting her dress ruined? Or wet, or worse, having several girls in a small stall with you?” Heather Stenlake, the founder of the Bridal Buddy, wrote on the website.

Well, now there is a solution that slips under your wedding gown just like a slip, then, it comes out from under to encompass your whole dress and tightens around the neck.

If you do not believe us, watch this. It does have to be seen to be believed!