This is How Many Dates People Have Before Having Sex

Over the past ten years a lot has changed in the dating scene. I mean, “swiping right” would have meant nothing to people in 2005. The first generation of iPhones didn’t come out till 2007. Since then dating apps have proliferated and relationship norms (not to mention social norms) have dramatically shifted.

Data scraped by OK Cupid of it’s total userbase over the last ten years has shed some light on peoples changing attitudes. For example when asked whether someone would consider sleeping with someone on a first date the number of people who were keen has shrunk dramatically. (This could be due to the sort of people who would be into that sort of thing moving on to a hook up app.)

Sleeping on first date


When sexuality is factored in then you can see a drop across the board, with straight women and gay men having the most significant drop. Bisexual guys are the most willing to take the plunge on the first date at 72%, but it’s come a long way since the 2005 number of 90%.

Sexuality Sex

So how long would it take before people are that comfortable with each other? The vast majority think 3-5 dates is enough to get a gauge on someone. This comes at the cost of 7% less people picking “6 or more dates”.

How many dates before sex

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