This Is How To Get Fit In Just 25 Minutes A Week

The claim seems outrageous. How can anyone get fit with just 25 minutes a week exercise? Surely you need to sweat it out for at least 1 hour a day in the gym. Frankly that’s what puts most of us off, right? We start off with our gym regime with the best intentions. ‘I’ll go 5 days a week’ – that usually translates to 3 days then 2 days and then down to one day until ultimately you lose motivation altogether, until the next time your boy friend /girlfriend or significant other half pokes you in the stomach and makes a comment about ‘the small bagel’ that has started to grow there.

We’re all guilty of it – the feast and famine that comes through in our exercise regime and let’s face it it’s hard to get motivated when you know that the path to fitness is going to be pain and punishment. That’s why when, a few years ago, I saw the line ‘get fit in just 25 minutes a week’ I jumped at it. At first I admit I was pretty skeptical – after all that is not what I have always known about exercise. It has always had to be grueling sweaty hours of hard yakka, stiff muscles  and lots of time in the gym. But I didn’t have lots of time to spend in the gym. I have a busy life – kids, work – and of course dining out and a few wines every so often- take up most of my time- when can I find hours to spend in the gym? 25 minutes a week though ? I could do that, so I gave it a go and headed along to 101 fitness.

It isn’t voodoo!

It does actually have a scientific basis to it. The fact is that they concentrate on slow repetitions using state of the art Med-X machines that ensure that the weights are perfectly balanced and consistent through each rep. Slow and steady- the theory is that this leads to greater muscle fatigue tearing the muscle fibre to ultimately building stronger muscles. Stronger muscles mean you’ll use more energy when doing regular things like walking. It’s still worth going for the odd jog or walk to keep the oxygen flowing but you’ll benefit a lot more when your muscles are performing at their optimum.

It works.

That was three or four years ago now and I am still doing it. Every week I do my 25 minutes of slow reps on their Medex machines with a personal trainer. It is the first and only time I have consistently maintained an exercise regime and it has paid off. I see a lot of people my age (and younger) going to flab and I seem to hold my own pretty well. I have maintained a consistent weight and I even have abs.

You should check them out. It’s not hugely expensive and it is well worth investment to stay in shape. Check them out now.

Better yet, why not grab yourself 2 personal training sessions for just $29!