Banish Dry Skin With the Affordable Cruelty-Free “Hydrator”

Now that Summer is officially over, your skin will most likely be in heavy demand of lashings and lashings of moisturizer. I know mine was – gross, dry patches and all.

Named “The Hydrator“, this body lotion is pretty self-explanatory. Oasis Beauty’s unisex moisturiser is packed with natural, organic ingredients that provide long-lasting hydration and nourishment for your skin.

Cruelty-free and made with natural, organic avocado oil, shea butter,Vitamin E, chamomile, Manuka and Honeydew honey, the Hydrator is great for those with sensitive skin.

I found that applying the Hydrator before bedtime after a quick splash is the best time to apply. The strong chamomile scent makes you a walking human sleepy tea bag for you and everyone around you. If you share a bed with a significant other, ask him/her to help you apply the Hydrator on your back. It’s just as important to put moisturiser on as it is to put on sun block. Trust me – you’ll appreciate it in the morning.

Oasis Beauty The Hydrator (250ml) $29.90