This Is The Age When You Have The Most Friends

According to a new survey conducted by Atalo and Oxford Universities, our age and gender directly impacts how many friends we have, it even shows a specific age when our clique is the biggest.

By analyzing the phone records of 3.2 million people in Europe, the study found that people have the most friends at the age of 25.

“Our results indicate that these aspects of human behaviour are strongly related to age and gender… such that younger individuals have more contacts and, among them, males more than females.”
Given that in our late twenties we usually begin to settle down, the number of friends start to shrink at 25. However, it levels out by the age of 45 and starts to grow after that when your children aren’t dependent on you anymore. It will then grow after this age and you’ll be back drinking large amounts of wine and consuming platters of cheese with your old buddies.